4 Critical Facts For Beginners To Know When Applying For A Partner Visa In Australia

23 April 2020
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A partner visa is a permit that enables a spouse or partner of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of the county to become eligible to live in the country. Most importantly, you must apply for a temporary partner visa before applying for a permanent partner visa. This article examines some key facts for beginners to know when applying for a partner visa in Australia.

Proper Evidence

One reason why the immigration department rejects most partner visa applications is the presentation of conflicting evidence. The visa application process takes time, and some information might change over time, such as physical address. Therefore, when lodging your application through your attorney, ensure that the data is genuine and updated. Falsification of evidence or lodging of conflicting information might render your application invalid or delay your partner's visa.

Temporary or Permanent Visa

As the name suggests, a temporary partner visa enables your spouse or partner to live in Australia temporarily. Furthermore, the temporary permit is a sure way of enabling your partner to get a permanent partner visa. To apply for the visa, you must be living in Australia at the time of applying. The processing time for a temporary visa is between 24 to 29 months. On the other hand, a permanent partner visa enables the applicant to live in Australia permanently. Note that you must hold a temporary partner visa before applying for a permanent partner visa. The processing time for a permanent visa is approximately 13 to 21 months.

One-Year Relationship Rule

Initially, there was a rule that a couple must have lived together for at least 12 months before applying for a partner visa. However, an immigration attorney will advise you that this is no longer the case. For certain exceptional circumstances, couples might be living separately in a de facto relationship. Therefore, evidence of a de facto relationship existing must be provided by an applicant. For example, you may need to furnish proof such as bank statements, history of your relationship, joint assets and liabilities, and social evidence. Besides, if your marriage was through a cultural arrangement, then the submission of evidence to support the same can help exempt you from the 12-month rule.

Legal Support

The Australian immigration law is complex and requires a legal expert to interpret it for a novice applying for a partner visa. Legal professionals know any statute changes that might affect clients applying for a partner visa. Therefore, choose an immigration attorney to make the application and increase your chances of getting a partner visa in record time.